Friday, February 4, 2011

This week,
You and I,
We're through!
Enough of you
Propelling me through
Day by insistent day.
I'm leaving you
For Another.
It's ending,
This week!

His demands are few,
This week ender.
Days and nights
Are mine
As I choose,
With him.
Doing things
My way
Not your's, This week.

You say it's a tryst.
It won't last.
This end is short.
You claim I'll be back
In a few days time
To you waiting week.

I don't care.
I love him,
This week ender.

© 2011 by Tammy Newman. All rights reserved.

This week has been a challenging one and I am definitely celebrating the break of the weekend. If only he wasn't so fleeting. Sigh.

Check out the amazing talent at One Stop Poetry this week!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Trying on a Ballad
He's addicted to affirmations
She to digs of guilt
Stepping stones eggshells breaking
This the life they built

© 2011 by Tammy Newman. All rights reserved.

This week the One Stop Poetry Form is a ballad. I only had time this week for one stanza...more to follow next week. Also, I'm doing a workshop on using poetry to improve your technical writing. Would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions for activities.