Sunday, January 31, 2010


Traveling miles
Skipping precious pebbles as I go
Engraving indigo veins
Milestones on this fluid journey

Inspired by Sunday Scribblings prompt of Milestones

Friday, January 29, 2010

"I write, sometimes just to see the ink flow from the pen."

Some days the urge to write is so strong that it could be described as a need. I am a wordsmith. I love to see what you can create with words, seeing what you can do with them. I love how one sentence can mean a dozen different things. I love the creation and the intent behind it.

My days are spent at a computer. I'm an Instructional Designer by profession. (Not to forget a Bra Shop owner, which consumes a great deal of my time and passion) Every day I sit at the computer and think of creative ways to educate people on a particular software or concept. I ponder how to say something in such a way that everybody will hear it.

The computer is convenient and definitely compensates for this writer's lack of spelling skills. I also always change my mind, constantly thinking of how I can better that last sentence. Make it crisper, clearer, more complex, prettier...

But I still love the feel of a pen in my hand. The weight and beauty of a pen set aside for writing in my journal. Another pen set aside for creative writing. And yet another pen for creating lists. Giggle.

I've discovered some interesting blogs online recently that prompt you with writing themes for the week. I'm so in. We'll see what I create. My interests are many and often cyclical...but never fleeting is writing. In and around everything I do, I write.

Someday I hope to produce something I feel worthy of publishing. Not for any other reason than to say, "I did that".

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Recycled Sweater

I was a little impatient to do something creative last night. So I grabbed a few old sweaters that I no longer wear and decided to make a new and improved one. Giggle.

I had seen a few vendors on Etsy who have done this very thing. I'm not sure how it is going to turn out but I'm having fun in the process.

Already I've taken it apart three times. It orginially had a white terry body with zipper.

I need to scrounge for more sweaters. I'm not sure what the bottom is going to look like yet. But I'm having fun seeing what it will turn into.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I'm just in love with this felted scarf that I found on Etsy. I have so many "first projects" that I want to start and this one is right up there. Hmmm...need to learn felting first.

There is a workshop on Friday at the Arts Center but I can't get away from work. Ann's going. Maybe she'll teach me. (Hint Hint)

Not Slowing Down

It's been months since I have blogged. Months since I've done things that I typically do. It's wild how time flies and gets away from you.

After a year of the great adventure of becoming an entrepreneur with my dear friend Ann and seeing some success in our business The Girls Bra Shop Inc., this gypsy is suffering from itchy feet again. New adventures are to be had!

This year has already begun to sweep me away: I've become rather attached to a remarkable man who wants to share adventures with me. That in itself is a huge adventure for me!

I'm planning a trip or two. With Mambo and Ward by my side.

AND I am also exploring making my own clothing. For now I'll be like the Selfish Seamstress and make only pieces for myself. Giggle.

Stay tuned. I'm not slowing down!