Friday, January 29, 2010

"I write, sometimes just to see the ink flow from the pen."

Some days the urge to write is so strong that it could be described as a need. I am a wordsmith. I love to see what you can create with words, seeing what you can do with them. I love how one sentence can mean a dozen different things. I love the creation and the intent behind it.

My days are spent at a computer. I'm an Instructional Designer by profession. (Not to forget a Bra Shop owner, which consumes a great deal of my time and passion) Every day I sit at the computer and think of creative ways to educate people on a particular software or concept. I ponder how to say something in such a way that everybody will hear it.

The computer is convenient and definitely compensates for this writer's lack of spelling skills. I also always change my mind, constantly thinking of how I can better that last sentence. Make it crisper, clearer, more complex, prettier...

But I still love the feel of a pen in my hand. The weight and beauty of a pen set aside for writing in my journal. Another pen set aside for creative writing. And yet another pen for creating lists. Giggle.

I've discovered some interesting blogs online recently that prompt you with writing themes for the week. I'm so in. We'll see what I create. My interests are many and often cyclical...but never fleeting is writing. In and around everything I do, I write.

Someday I hope to produce something I feel worthy of publishing. Not for any other reason than to say, "I did that".

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