Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wedding Gift Mine

Brushing winter
Photo Credit: Kelly Lawson
Wilderness inclined
Lone wolf
Snuggling home mine

A bow wrapped round
Shiny knight tall
On the doorstep
Intention full call

Hand extended
Taken eyes wide
Wedding gift brilliant
Wolf now bride

© 2014 by Tammy Secord. All rights reserved.
This week's prompt of Lost and Found made me think of how grateful I am that my husband found me. I thank God every day for him. We had dated years ago a handful of times and then faded apart. Throughout the years we dated others. At each end my now hubby would think of me and the connection we had. Eventually he looked me the exact moment I told God that I was done with dating and searching. And unless Mr. Right showed up on my doorstep with a bow I was having none of it. Hubby is more than I asked for and I am blessed by him every day.


  1. smiles. i hear you ...i feel fortunate in the same way as i was in a bad place...but nearly 20 years later i am still grateful...smiles.

  2. This is a very sweet response to the prompt. I am glad you finally found each other.

  3. Great lost and found story! So happy for you!

  4. aww...this is really very sweet...

  5. What beautiful sentiments, Tammy. It seems the 'wolf' was tamed. Smiles!

  6. this is quite charming and has a real loving quality.

  7. Thanks for the lovely feedback everybody.

  8. I love the unusual beat and rhythm. It is such a personal representation of your love story. Thank you for sharing!