Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy New Year's Eve

He was puking into the wind
But then realized and turned around
High-fiving with a corsage
I was hopeful about the corporal
Skirts held high
While praying to the porcelain god

© 2010 by Tammy Newman. All rights reserved.

Disclaimer: I really have no idea where this came from. Just seemed to flow. Giggle. Adding it to the wonderful collections of One Shot Wednesday.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Season's Reason
Jesus is the reason
For the season
We are reminded
Every year

Jesus born to die

If Jesus is the reason
For this season
Then maybe this season's
Reason is you and I

© 2010 by Tammy Newman. All rights reserved.

This post was inspired by a recent sermon. Adding it to the list of great poetry in One Shot Wednesday this week.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Arrow Shot

The arrow shot
Straight and true
Devour mine
Dark purlieu

© 2010 by Tammy Newman. All rights reserved.

This posted was inspired by Claudio Muffarege's stunning photo seen here entitled "The Arrow Shot". To see more of his work and other poetry inspired by his photo visit One Shoot Photography Sunday.

December Baby

It's a girl
It's a boy
It's december

Little cone head
Knitted cap covering
Squishy cheeks
Asking to be poked
Mittons containing
Perfectly manicured nails

Thomas and Robert
Tammy and Beth
Rhonda and Shaun
Jesus too

Yuletide birthdays
Joint celebration wishes
Santa wrapping
Trees and nativities
Dickens dinners and
Birthday cake

Friends are away
For the holidays
But never do they forget
To wish you a happy
Birthday in their
Holiday set

© 2010 by Tammy Newman. All rights reserved.

Posting inspired by Sunday Scribblings prompt of December and today being my birthday. I've been overwhelmed how all of my friends have remembered me on this day. :D

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Music Inspiration

Spinning twirling
Swooning and sway
Skirts held high
It's a wedding march
Walking to her husband
Slowly and confidently
Seeing him before her
Gleaming her glory
Light on her toes
A tune recognized
But not clear in her mind
She's been here before
Returning to love lost
Finding home in what was once familiar
Finding refuge
In a music box

© 2010 by Tammy Newman. All rights reserved.
This was an interesting exercise for Moondust Writer's Thursday at One Stop Poetry: free write to a piece of music and see what is inspired.  Editing stops when the music stops. 1st 1/2 of December by George Winston

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

If I were an Ornament

Me as an ornament
If I were an ornament
So tiny and small
I would sit on the tree
And look at it all

I would smile at the laughter
And games that were played
Grin at the snuggles
And presents laid

I would sparkle and shine
Working my bling
Enjoying all the love
On my popcorn string

© 2010 by Tammy Newman. All rights reserved.
This was inspired by a gift I was given tonight at our staff party. I'm lucky to know and work with such amazing women. Each of the two years we have been in business we have drawn names and exchanged ornaments. Each year I see how well they know me. This year, it was me as an ornament...the one in the picture. I so love it. I'm pleased as Christmas punch to be participating in this week's One Shot Wednesday with this ditty.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Sled

Magpie 44

Mittons with strings
And pink colored faces
Mufflers knitted and 
Brakes prehistoric

A dray
Hauling goods
And toboggan

Standing tall
Against the wall
Mom's painting of a Christmas
Tradition: Animal's Tree
Winter playgrounds
Waiting on

© 2010 by Tammy Newman. All rights reserved.
Inspired by Magpie Tales photo prompt and old memories that were also painted by my mother and posted on her folk art blog. And oddly that is the correct spelling of luging (derives from luge) according to online dictionaries. Shrug.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Annual Christmas Shopping Adventure

We were Sunday driving
On a Saturday
Savoring country roads
Sandwiched in trees
Dusted with snow

Cafe gas bars
Red barns and cows
Passing Santa and
His reindeer
Listening to holiday tunes

Braking for moose
And trucks
My 4 month old Lance.
She didn’t see me

Hopeful about the Corporal
And everything fine
No bumps, scrapes, or bruises
We’re lucky this time

Driving home in a rental
Beep beep
In your lane you stay

© 2010 by Tammy Newman. All rights reserved.

This lyric is inspired by recent developments and being tossed into the One Shot Wednesday ring. Thankfully nobody was hurt during the accident and in spite of everything mom and I had a crazy fantastic time.
Shopping Success in North Conway

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ode to Allergy
Something has changed
Within me
A new sensation
That was always there
I’ve tried to ignore it
But it grew black
Aching my hair

And Migraines
Upset stomach too
Or allergy stewing?
Brewing its

Could it be that the
Nectar so sweet
That I adore
Has been causing me
Uncomfort and more?
I never knew
I chose to ignore

My friend
My companion
My java so warm
Betrayed by a love
I can’t take it
No more
I pray loudly
Flu let it be!!

© 2010 by Tammy Newman. All rights reserved.

This lyric is inspired by recent developments and being tossed into the One Shot Wednesday ring.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Trophy

Magpie 42
High on your pedastel
Hands on your hips
Impervious to
Time slipped by
Lime light
Tarnished beauty
Basking in a memory

© 2010 by Tammy Newman. All rights reserved.

This snippet is in response to this week's Magpie Tales photo prompt.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Time Chimes

Magpie Tales Photo Prompt
Bing - Math Class
Ring - Recess
Gong - School's out
Clang - Graduation
Chime - Somebody's married
Tink - Happy hour drink
Ding - TGIFing
Dong - Monday returns
Chung - Not enough done

© 2010 by Tammy Newman. All rights reserved. 

Sorry to pull out an old one but unfortunately time has gotten away from me again this week so I'm posting it to this week's Magpie Tales prompt. I'll try to get a better handle on next time. :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Parables of the Brokenhearted

My shine is a little dull this morning
I'm tired of understanding
So hideous, it's stunning
I don't want to think
Of how you don't want me
Restless in my house
Our house, my house
Tossing and turning in my bed
Our bed, my bed
I sleep with the memory of you

I am the daisy
Whose petals are plucked away
As you decide if you love me
I am the tree
Whose bark you cut
To write your initials in
I am the ring you tossed
For your trophy

In the shower I lather
My face wet
I miss you
I'm sorry telling you I love you
Hurts you
I wish it made you smile
Coffee black
Where did it all go?
No control, spiraling
How did I lose you?

I am the daisy
Whose petals are plucked away
As you decide if you love me
The tree whose bark you cut
To write your initials in
The ring you tossed
For your trophy

I wish I made you smile
I sleep with the memory of you
My shine is a little dull

© 2010 by Tammy Newman. All rights reserved.

The prompt of One Shoot Sunday made me think of heartache and reminded me of this lyric I wrote for a friend over a year ago. It also a perfect contribution to Jingle Poetry Potluck on moods and feelings.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

What do we know?

Photo prompt from Magpie Tales.
Fact or faith
What’s the difference?
Two and two are four
Is it?
What is two?

Knowing it is different
Than feeling it
I know hard
Have faith it will hurt
Feeling it lacerates
I know love is good
Have faith it is beautiful
Feeling it is euphoric

My grandmother was right
“Nobody knows”

But there is faith

© 2010 by Tammy Newman. All rights reserved.

Inspired by this week's Magpie Tales photo prompt.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

These Walls...

My travel companion Mambo in Greece
These walls grow tall
Mortar of “I don’t care”
Dries slowly and hard
Covering cracks
Where light once shone through

Anticipating the core
Biding time
She lets down her hair
But he’s too heavy
Chisel in hand chipping away

These walls crumble
Mortar forgotten
Rainbows resilient
Tentative stepping
In this forgotten place

© 2010 by Tammy Newman. All rights reserved.

Inspired by Jingle Poetry's Potluck Monday. Also participating in One Shot Wednesday.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Buoy Resiling

Photo by Andy Ilachinski
I come here alone
To think
To talk to you
Walking the distance
Shouldering the storm
Each step journals
Heart’s desire break
Drops reverberate in the waves
Mine or yours?
You meet me here
Like a chowder
Knit scarf
You comfort me
Rushing to embrace me
It is what it is
Good in its being
I resile
Buoy in the storm

© 2010 by Tammy Newman. All rights reserved.
Inspired by One Shoot Photography Challenge. I love the beach on a rainy day. Perfect time for solitude and thinking.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Memory of Sand

We had each identified our top three things we would regret not seeing or doing on this trip. One of mine was Santorini, and now after being there twice I hoped to never return again. Heather picked hiking the Samaria Gorge in Crete. I spent the first weeks of our trip dreading the hike and hoping she would change her mind. I have always had bad knees and worried I would be able to do it. I never told Heather this but in the end the hike and memories surrounding it are a highlight from that trip. Since then I try to include a hike in each of my travels and have never been disappointed by the effort or vistas.

Our ferry was late arriving in Crete. All of the buses had left and we had to get to the other side of the island. Our schedule for the hike was tight, leaving it at the end of our trip. 24 hours. That’s what we had to find a place to crash for the night, do the hike, and then catch an 11 hour ferry ride back to Athens and our flight home. Taxi it was.

Typical of our experience in Greece, our driver heard our plan and became very concerned about our timeline and decided he would help. The hike we knew was slated as a 6 hour hike. If we wanted to be done in time to fit our schedule we had to catch the bus heading up to the summit of the hike early in the morning. We were visiting weeks before tourist season and there were very few places to stay. I can’t recall why, but Crete was the only place we didn’t have pre-arranged places to sleep.

Immediately arriving in Chania, our driver took us to his friend’s place. There we stood in a vine draped courtyard while three men, the taxi driver, his friend, and his friend’s father, assumingly discussed where we would stay in their mother tongue. That moment stays with me. It was night. The sky was black. Cement, vines, and Greek surrounded me. I thought it couldn’t have been more perfect.

It was decided: Heather and I were to stay in their hostel still closed for the season. This was not to be the last time I was astounded by their generosity and kindness. We set the alarm and crashed for the night.
In the morning we walked to the bus station, ready to start our day. Although uneventful, the bus ride left many foreigners woozy with motion sickness from the hairpin turns up, up, up narrow roads. When we arrived we took no time starting the hike down, down, down stairs for hours, covering 1,250 meters. I watched my feet as much as the majestic view. 

Marching ahead of Heather, she let me set the pace. I giggle now when I think of how fearful I was of my knees and there I was hiking down a gorge with a gal who had had a knee surgery and was wearing a knee brace.

We stopped at the midway station with many from our bus. An older German man had fallen somewhere along the climb and had torn up his hands. Doctoring him up with band-aids and antiseptic gel we started on our way again fearful of seizing up and not being able to go further. I was sore, sweaty exhausted, and having the time of my life. We passed mountain goats, men with donkeys tasked to help those who couldn’t make it, boulders, foliage, and imposing mountains.

We arrived at the most beautiful beach on the Libyan side of Crete. I can’t recall if it was truly the most beautiful beach or just very welcoming after that grueling 5 ½ hour hike. That’s right; we completed the hike a ½ hour shy of the 6 hours. Proud of ourselves and utterly exhausted we changed, with little care for modesty, into our swimsuits on the golden sand. We were eager to refresh in the crystal blue Libyan Sea.

I still beam as I recall us laughing to the point of bursting as we were beaten around by those vigorous waves while our German friend floated by with this bandaged thumbs up. Nothing had ever felt so good.
On the ferry back to Athens we lay on our top level bunk beds listening to the family below us sleeping, thanking God for the wonderful day and the people we had met. The father who owned opened his hostel to us the night before had been at the bus station anxiously waiting for our return and cheerfully saw us off. Somehow in that 24 hour period he had become our Greek father.

This memory was taken from my novel in progress and was inspired by Theme Thursday's prompt of Sand.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fried Chicken

This cock crows
Fatter than he is
Eating with all
Chest puffed
Breast white
Strut triumphant
Roost in this house

Inspired by this week's Magpie Tales and the conversation around me. Nothing like friends for fodder. Also tossing this hat in to One Shot Wednesday.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Magic Knowing

Swell, swoon, swirl
Holding her garments high
Blind meeting
Birthday gift
Christmas stocking
Magic knowing
Mind echos Yes
On tongue's tip

Midnight, New Year
First kiss
Fire place and works
Flame to ember
Steady glow
Snow and angels
Magic knowing
Sunset in her pocket
On tongue's voice

This entry was inspired by this week's Magpie. The image invokes thoughts of a winter romance for me, which is how mine began.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Wheel Experience Abroad

I highly recommend renting a car when you travel abroad. Not only do you get to see the country-side from non-guided excursions, you have the adventure of following their roads and…their rules. Traversing down narrow lanes, navigating through a heard of mountain goats, gliding the open spaces, and bending along the sharp cliff-edged turns.

On my second visit to Greece, Jaclyn and I decided we would do just that: rent a car and tour the Peloponnese for a week before skipping off to the ever popular islands. I would wheel the cities relying on her navigation and she the country-side. Trusting a travel agent I had used before, our hotels and car were booked. Great prices and great itinerary; we really couldn’t complain. Anxious to get there and start our adventure, days moved at a snail’s pace.

The day we finally arrived in Athens I was astounded by my memory and walked us straight through the Plaka to the travel agent. The ancient city stayed true. Nothing changed. Why should it? 1000s of years or 7? What’s the difference there?

Sitting there, excited to get our vouchers and itinerary we were all a glow…until: “Did you say the car is a standard?” Blanched faces, fluttering tummies, eyes as big and white as the moon.  “We don’t know how to drive a standard!”

Images of trying to learn how to drive a standard in downtown Athens raced through our minds. “What do you mean we’ll be ok? Isn’t the Peloponnese mountainous?!”

We spent our first night pleading with God for an automatic.

Answered prayers the next day, the last automatic in the entire city became available at the last minute. Not car girls, that Matrix was a well hugged car!

Beaming we drove off. Praising our blessings. That car took us wherever we steered it. We learned fast is good and stop is just a suggestion.

Days later our dear Matrix had a flat. Stereotypical girls, we couldn’t figure out the jack. So Jaclyn ran back to the hotel where we suspected we would find help. I can imagine the scene even now: A 6’2”, slender woman with chocolate hair and eyes, and a brilliant smile running into the hotel lobby past the dining men on the patio. She’s wearing short shorts and a tank top and has tourist written all over her. Who could resist her cry for help?

Shortly after I see her running back with not one, not two, but five (YES FIVE) members of a local soccer team to change the tire of one wheel. Cheers to Jaclyn.

We like to tell ourselves it was their National team. Giggle.

Thanks boys!

This memory was inspired by Theme Thursday's: Wheel. Oh and they had trouble with the jack as well. ;)

Monday, October 18, 2010


And knotted
Racing to a goal
Reaching high
And bending further
Surprised at the distance
Arms raised high
Pumping pumping
Almost there
Check on the bucket
It's done and doing

An ode to the business I co-own with a dear friend. We recently franchised and our first franchise location is opening in Nov. Also inspired by Theme Thursday's Knot. It feels good to be writing again. Hoping I can find more time for it.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tipped (Draft 1)

Mary Kline-Misol: Chicken Act, Balance Ball
I have no balance
Juggling on a ball
My feet try hard to grip
Running running running
Going nowhere
Battery dying

Chargeable existence
Seeking source
What feeds me?
Disciplined pausing
Rusty pipe reaching
Stretching to center
Formally directed
New shoes

Once consuming
Shelved in order
Looking for space
Fragile center
I claim me
Matter is rising
Downward dog

This is inspired by a recent effort to reclaim balance in my life, by Magpie Tales, and ABC Wednesday's letter D. I already have plans to revise this but thought I would post the first draft anyway, which is why it's a different photo than the Magpie photo. Look for the new post...soon I hope. :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Gypsy Feet Play List

Fairy Wings ~ Kim Barlow
Don't let your feet touch the ground ~ Ash Koley
New Shoes ~ Paolo Nutini
Put Your Foot Down ~ Layah Jane
These Boots Are Made for Walking ~ Nancy Sinatra
Get on the Good Foot ~ James Brown
Shoe Box ~ Barenaked Ladies
Pink Shoe Laces ~ Dodie Stevens
I Feel the Earth Move ~ Carole King
Walking in Memphis ~ Marc Cohn
I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) ~ The Proclaimers
The Way You Make Me Feel ~ Michael Jackson
Walking After Midnight ~ Cowboy Junkies
Cold Feet ~ Tracy Chapman
One Foot Wrong ~ Pink  

Am I missing any? Would love to hear your suggestions!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blue Memory

Climbing down the 600 steps to Hades for the second time, I watch my step. You would think that climbing down would be easy, but it's not. Careful to miss what the donkeys before me left, I take my time. I'm in no hurry to get there.

It's hot. Litres of water are being consumed but with little effect. I'm tired and sticky. Sexy. Braided pigtails clinging to my neck. Freckles rapidly darkening in the sun. Why am I doing this to myself again?

Why didn't I just stay at the top with the blue domed churches?  Just to prove I can? Is that reason enough?

Although I've been here, done this and have the t-shirt packed with me somewhere, the view stuns me as it did seven years prior and I find myself elated. Crystal waters lay out before me like a blanket, enveloping the tip of an active still volcano, grey in it's ash.

An excerpt from my novel in progress, about my second visit to Santorini...In response to this week's Theme Thursday prompt of Blue.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Snap Shots

Cute and pudgy
Tiny toes
Little coos
Shoot me now

Running energy
Beaming face
Shoot me now

Shy wallflower
Bored by school
Boys with coodies
Shoot me now

Jeans and sandals
Def Leopard
Shoot me now

Higher moments of learning
Braided pigtails
Dreams and writing
Shoot me now

Greece and Italy
Shoot me now

Remote employee
Home office mine
Shoot me now

Humble confidence
Love of a man
Shoot me now

Buckle up
Ride's not over yet
Shoot me then

This is in response to Theme Thursday's prompt of camera.

Power Duo (Giggle)

This Friday Ann and I are claiming our place in the list of great power duos of blond and brunette.

Today we stand with Betty and Veronica, Laverne & Shirley, Starsky and Hutch, Thelma and Louise, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse!

Today we launched the new look and feel of the blog for The Girls Bra Shop Inc., our very demanding but and most days rewarding child. We launched the new look and feel to celebrate our new slogan: Real women. Real bras. Real beauty.  Because like our customers, we are REAL WOMEN, who want REAL BRAS, and want to feel REAL BEAUTYful.

Check us out! Giggle.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Faster than a speeding bullet
You are everywhere
Always with me

Through atomkinesis
I almost hear your voice
A whisper over storm

A pryokinetic ghost rider
What you sow is ablaze
Through cracked clay of your making

The empathic watcher
All is well

Spawn new life in me

This is in response to Sunday Scribblings' post of Superhero and ABC Wednesday's letter V. I'm not sure about this one. It may be too abstract, too out of the context of what is going on in my mind. Maybe some tweaking is in order....We'll see.

Electrical storm and fireball captured on camera © Phil Bland

Friday, June 11, 2010


TGIF indeed. My first thought this morning was an almost weepy relief of "it's really truly friday!"

What a hard week. I'm sure I have felt this drained before. I just can't recall it. A reflex maybe. I'm sure I must have felt like this that night when I got home from the store to no dinner, more work, and my car stuck in the drive. I remember that I felt bad. I just don't remember how that felt.

At this moment I feel like a knot loosening. Slowly because I don't really remember how to relax.

I'm finally sitting in my backyard. I've been wanting to be here all day. I'm writing as butterflies flutter around my head. Not as majestic as one would think when you find yourself ducking with each dive bomb at your skull. Pretty but doing nothing for my levels of tension.

I'm not one of those people who serenely sit still as a bright winged insect perch on their hand, shoulder, nose. No. I pull muscles as I jump, flinch, duck, jerk out of their way.

Finally, they've rested and I can enjoy their visit...from a distance. All the better to appreciate their beauty. Don't misunderstand and think I don't enjoy the outdoors or even mind sharing my backyard with God's other creatures. I just find sudden fly byes and attacks stressful.

There are tiny strawberries growing in my lawn and ants climbing my chair...possibly my toes as well. Buttercups, pansies, dandelions, and lupines. My lawn is a derelict beauty.

Ugh. My nemesis is on the move again. I'm going to seriously hurt myself. Sigh. I'm tired. Not physically. Mentally. This week took a lot out of me.

Something is eating the rhubarb. Maybe those kamikaze butterflies with diamonds on the tips of their antenna.

I'm hidden in the weeds and contented to be here. Taking what repreave offered from Friday evening and the promise of weekend.

Dah! Seriously, must they fly so low? Why insist on being unfriendly? How did I offend them so? Sneak attacks from behind are uncalled for!

We went to a butterfly farm in Martinique once. You can imagine how I fared. Shoulders raised and hood wrapped tight around my head. I imagine I was the fastest observer they met.

Tomorrow I'll google the butterfly diet. Stubbron I'll flinch and jump but go nowhere tonight. Right here I sit.

Coffee Shop Affair

I'm late
You don't see
I sneak to the back
How appropriate

I come closer
She smiles
Jealous I bow
Shuffle my feet
You expected me

She leaves
Stretch onto my toes
Beside you now

In a coffee shop
I smirk at your boldness
You smell so good
Dressed in green
You look like candy
My Mexican

This post was in response to Theme Thursday's prompt, Candy. Coffee is my candy and as of now, my favorite is the Mexican coffee at Red Whale. I have a green cozy made of fleece that a friend got me at the local Eco Store, but love the one for sale above as well.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Head Butt Eve

He looked at what He created
And it was good
It was good

Silvery snake tongue
Try the apple hun

She bought it, ate it up
Then shared her cup

When I get to Heaven
I'm gonna head butt Eve

Pieces from a "song" I wrote years ago when a friend commented that she wanted to head butt eve. It made me laugh. I was reminded of it today when I saw mom's magpie posting so I am piggy backing on her insightful post.

Check out Magpie Tales for other great inspirations!

I should also add that I am a Christian and love my God. No disrespect is meant. :)








This post was inspired by ABC's Wednesday's letter T prompt.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Savouring Toes and Shiny Knight

Picnic and a blanket fort
Peacocking his building bent
She prepares the mealy banquet

Shoeless in the moment
Twirl on savouring toes
Spontaneous tangos

Falling angels in the
Blanket's wrinkle
Tipping gently bowl

He tames dragon shadows
On a fluttering wall
Her shiny knight tall

Inspired by ABC Wednesday's letter S, Sunday Scribblings' Dragon, the Magpie Tales picture shown above, and Theme Thursday's Wrinkle. Click each to participate and see how these prompts inspired others.

Also inspired by a date a friend of mine had recently where they had a picnic and built a blanket fort. Giggle. Sweet Romance. Love it!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Plenty of Fishes

Plenty of fish
In the sea
Big variety of fishes
Small variety of fishes

Cutle Fish
Plenty of fish
In the Sea

This was written in response to this week's Magpie Tales. Visit the Magpie Tales site to participate or visit others who have.

This was also inspired by a sign I saw in Naxos, Greece a few years ago. It made me giggle then. It makes me giggle now.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Honey and Lemon
Tink clink chink

Swirling black

Bone on bone

Silence blankets
A drone ahead
Blah blah blah

Heads nod
Lulling or agreeing?
It's a mystery

Hours of minutes
Ladies room beckoning

Courage swells


A very silly response to ABC Wednesday's letter Q: a conference room quandary, Theme Thursday's Mystery, Sunday Scribblings' Courage, and Magpie Tale's photo of a saucer (bone china?). Click each link to see other creative juices flowing.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Chewing it up
Spreading it out
Just right
Blow harder
Tongue pushing
Cheeks swelling
Bubble expanding
Pink growing
Pride swelling


Pink is for girls
Blue is for boys
Red light stop
Delightfully color blind

Green is the new black

In response to Theme Thursday's prompt: PINK! and ABC Wednesday's prompt: P is for... Check each out to participate.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I’m proud to say that I want to be like my mother when I grow up. Ha; when I grow up. My mother has always been the youngest person I know: so full of life and ready for the next adventure. She taught me that life is truly what you make it. It can be about the picket fences and the nine to five or it can be about doing what you really want to. Don’t get me wrong, I think picket fences are cute and I’ve done my time but I wanted and still want more.

My friend Anna had moved to Japan, after living in England and Lithuania for some time. Working in youth hostels and mission fields she’s a gypsy I admire. I traveled during my time off, while she lived the travel and has the mud stains to prove it.

She was teaching English to a small school in Osaka and invited me to visit for the nth time. “I don’t know. It’s so far, costs a fortune, and honestly Japan has never been on my list.”

Never been on my list? What was wrong with me? I decided I needed to go, to be reckless, to do something frivolous because quitting my job to go on a six week trip to the Philippines wasn’t reckless enough. I needed to get out of my not-so-comfortable cubical and mundane every day.

So, I bought a ticket and found myself on a 13 hour flight to Japan. Hour six is the hardest. It’s when you realize that you no longer want to be in that can and know there is nowhere to go. Burdened with many forms of entertainment, forced sleep is what got me through it.

Anna met me at the airport, chauffeured by Maki, a now dear to me friend and Geisha. Excited to see someone from home, Anna was anxious to show me her Osaka, which of course meant playing Russian roulette with Octopus.

We hopped on her wicker basket adorned bicycle and started to pedal up the street. Wind in my hair, ass falling asleep from the metal bag holder over the rear wheel. I was on top of the world and thought I was Rose in that iconic scene from Titanic. Swerving here and there, off balance, the air tasted like frivolity, recklessness, and pollution.

I was grinning from ear to ear in my bliss.

Anna turned to me after we veered into traffic a second time and said, “Um, can you put your feet in? I’m trying to pedal here.”

An excerpt from my novel in progress, in response to this week's Theme Thursday's prompt.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dawn of the Dreadfuls

Somehow this title seems very appropriate this morning.

I've had the recent pleasure, and I do mean pleasure, of reading an advanced review copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls. A prequel to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies this book is equally as funny and charming. Steve Hockensmith does a wonderful job of taking Jane Austin's characters out of Pride and Prejudice and imagining what they might have been like prior. At times I found the description of the characters to be missing the subtly of Jane's doing, I still found most characters held true to their selves. A few were altered with the understanding that this is how they came to be the reserved, excitable, proud individuals we have known them as. I loved the new characters he introduced and I was appropriately disgusted and laughing with each one.

Quirk classics, the publisher, is holding a competition for you the blog reader. Go to their site and tell them where you read the review and you will be eligible to win prizes.

Do pick this book up and have a read.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Face Behind the Voice

After much delay I safely arrived at the Dulles airport. I immediately let Ward know I was safe. I then called Tommy and was greeted with a hearty "Welcome to the USA Tammy". We made arrangements to meet at the airport and he would chauffeur me to dinner, wine, and finally the hotel.

While waiting I was entertained by the free H1N1 Vaccine clinic at the baggage claim. With them hollering "free H1N1" it's not a wonder nobody signed up. I also witnessed a gentleman have a very lively conversation with a vending machine, telling the dispenser that whatever it did was not acceptable. I say good for him for saying something. Giggle.

Dinner was fantastic as was the company. It was nice to finally put a face behind a voice I had worked with for so long. A dear friend who I was only just meeting. We laughed, we ate, we enjoyed a bottle of Innocent Bystander and were invited to join the electric slide happening at the bar.

All in all an enjoyable day one. Today is full of meetings but I'm sure I'll find some adventure in it somewhere.

Monday, March 1, 2010

On my way...maybe

I'm enroute to Washington, DC. Well, at least that is the plan. I haven't left Saint John yet. My flight has been delayed for the 3rd time due to weather. I can claim to predict the future: I miss my connection in Halifax.

Being somewhat of a local celebrity as one of The Girls, I'm well taken care of. I get to enjoy the VIP lounge of getting the table and chairs closest to the TV and outlets.

The staff here have been so wonderful; taking the initiative of researching weather and seats in Halifax and discovering that if I follow that route I won't make it to my destination today. The lovely ladies have booked me now through Montreal.

So unless the weather does not improve, my 7:10 flight is now at 11:45. Here I sit in the Saint John airport 30 minutes away from home enjoying a perfectly toasted bagel, a steaming cup of coffee, and taking advantage of the wireless internet.

Friday, February 26, 2010

His Girl Friday

Cheesies and wine
Chips and alpine

His Girl Friday

Response to ABC Wednesdays




Tomorrow she leaves for a week. It sounds exciting: Washington, DC. But it’s work and it’s away from him.

Their relationship is new; comfortable and exciting. They hold hands while strolling, link arms when talking. She drapes her legs over him while reading and dreaming. He holds her tight.

A week without his snuggles. Boo.

If only she could bottle him.

Response to Theme Thursday: Bottle

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When Pigs Fly There Will Be Latte

Eight years it’s been. Eight years since she canceled her cable. Seven years since she first unplugged her TV for weeks at a time. Seven years of watching DVDs of her favorite TV shows or memorized movies. She learned to paint, play guitar, craft, write, and spent much of her time reading. Eight years of missing pop culture references.

“It’s been a good run”, she thinks as she stands with her boyfriend ordering cable.

“The first six months are free, and you can have the technician install up to three boxes at no extra charge.” The agent tells them.

“Wonderful”, her boyfriend responds, “one in the TV room, one in the living room, and one upstairs in the bedroom.”

“The bedroom?!” She exclaims. “I’ve never had a TV in my bedroom”.

“Really? Never?”


“You’ve never had a TV in your bedroom?”

“That’s right.”

“I bet you have.”

“You’re on. I bet you a latte.”

“OK. You have one in there now.”

“What?” She muses. They are doing renovations in the bedroom and she wonders if he has moved a TV upstairs without her knowing...

...The light of realization dawns.

Crap. There may be no TV in her bedroom, but she is sleeping in the TV room.

Laughing she relinquishes.

“The technician will be there on Wednesday. Enjoy your latte sir.”

Response to Sunday Scribblings

Friday, February 19, 2010

E is for Ethics

If only we do as ethics say, and not as we does...

Image retrieved from:'s only ethical to give credit no? :)

Response to Sunday Scribblings and ABC Wednesdays

It's Here!

I'm so excited.

My advanced review copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls is here! I'm one of the lucky bloggers who gets to review it.

Return on March 3rd, for my thoughts and chances to win prizes.

The Bell Tolls

I haven't had much time to blog this week, actually any. I've missed the writing but life can get away with you. I'm late for my Thursday Theme post of Bell and ringing it for Barry. I was going to write about bell towers and how a friend became obsessed with them on our multiple week vacation in Italy.

But instead, I find it appropriate that I write about time and running against that bell. Do you remember in school, time was counted by the sound of a bell.

Bing - Math Class
Ring - Recess
Gong - School's out
Clang - Graduation
Chime - Somebody's married
Tink - Happy hour drink
Ding - TGIFing
Dong - Monday returns
Chung - Not enough done

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Medium is The Message

Sparkly marbles hold your stare
Silence blankets my smile
Naked in innocence
Standing imposingly before you
With a star beating in my chest

The medium is the message
I am yours

Sunday Scribblings - message