Thursday, December 16, 2010

Music Inspiration

Spinning twirling
Swooning and sway
Skirts held high
It's a wedding march
Walking to her husband
Slowly and confidently
Seeing him before her
Gleaming her glory
Light on her toes
A tune recognized
But not clear in her mind
She's been here before
Returning to love lost
Finding home in what was once familiar
Finding refuge
In a music box

© 2010 by Tammy Newman. All rights reserved.
This was an interesting exercise for Moondust Writer's Thursday at One Stop Poetry: free write to a piece of music and see what is inspired.  Editing stops when the music stops. 1st 1/2 of December by George Winston


  1. Aww so sweet and love the addition of the music box - it really is a wedding march isnt it
    Love the return to what was lost

    Thanks for sharing

  2. how elegant...nicely done...made me think of the music boxes at my great aunts house...