Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Annual Christmas Shopping Adventure

We were Sunday driving
On a Saturday
Savoring country roads
Sandwiched in trees
Dusted with snow

Cafe gas bars
Red barns and cows
Passing Santa and
His reindeer
Listening to holiday tunes

Braking for moose
And trucks
My 4 month old Lance.
She didn’t see me

Hopeful about the Corporal
And everything fine
No bumps, scrapes, or bruises
We’re lucky this time

Driving home in a rental
Beep beep
In your lane you stay

© 2010 by Tammy Newman. All rights reserved.

This lyric is inspired by recent developments and being tossed into the One Shot Wednesday ring. Thankfully nobody was hurt during the accident and in spite of everything mom and I had a crazy fantastic time.
Shopping Success in North Conway


  1. oh man...sorry about the car...that stinks...enjoy the rental while you got it though...

  2. wonderful *sarcasm* so sorry to hear of this but happy that you are fine
    you expressed this experience very well in your usual well written work.

    take care

  3. Still, you got an entertaining read from a terrible event. I appreciate the read anyway.

  4. great way to write a poem about an accident - I'm sorry it's not fiction

    Thanks for sharing with One Shot - looks like the shopping was great

    Moon smiles

  5. Nice one shot. Love and Light, Sender

  6. Bummer about the car... so easy to be distracted, yet so much for the shopping.

  7. what a great way to find your muse!!! thankfully is was just a prang and you are all okay..thanks for sharing with one shot..pete