Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy New Year's Eve

He was puking into the wind
But then realized and turned around
High-fiving with a corsage
I was hopeful about the corporal
Skirts held high
While praying to the porcelain god

© 2010 by Tammy Newman. All rights reserved.

Disclaimer: I really have no idea where this came from. Just seemed to flow. Giggle. Adding it to the wonderful collections of One Shot Wednesday.


  1. but it captures a moment many may feel in a day or two...interesting...smiles.

  2. Ha that is quite the Happy New Year greeting

    Thanks for sharing with One Shot

    Moonie Smiles

  3. Love the humor you have explored here... but at those moments, I'm sure many will not find it so humorous.

  4. Agreed. I pray everybody has a safe New Year's Eve.

  5. Fun versifying. Love the line "hopeful about the corporal".