Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When Pigs Fly There Will Be Latte

Eight years it’s been. Eight years since she canceled her cable. Seven years since she first unplugged her TV for weeks at a time. Seven years of watching DVDs of her favorite TV shows or memorized movies. She learned to paint, play guitar, craft, write, and spent much of her time reading. Eight years of missing pop culture references.

“It’s been a good run”, she thinks as she stands with her boyfriend ordering cable.

“The first six months are free, and you can have the technician install up to three boxes at no extra charge.” The agent tells them.

“Wonderful”, her boyfriend responds, “one in the TV room, one in the living room, and one upstairs in the bedroom.”

“The bedroom?!” She exclaims. “I’ve never had a TV in my bedroom”.

“Really? Never?”


“You’ve never had a TV in your bedroom?”

“That’s right.”

“I bet you have.”

“You’re on. I bet you a latte.”

“OK. You have one in there now.”

“What?” She muses. They are doing renovations in the bedroom and she wonders if he has moved a TV upstairs without her knowing...

...The light of realization dawns.

Crap. There may be no TV in her bedroom, but she is sleeping in the TV room.

Laughing she relinquishes.

“The technician will be there on Wednesday. Enjoy your latte sir.”

Response to Sunday Scribblings


  1. I am laughing with you. It just funnier everytime I hear this. Would a great beginning to a book. hmmmm?

  2. I would like to read more - I agree. This is a great beginning!