Friday, February 5, 2010

You ARE Beautiful

I've had my insecurities. Who hasn't? I still do. But for years I struggled with feeling unattractive and I can't describe to you how wonderful it was when I realized my own beauty.

I am by no means a supermodel. There is lots about me that I would like to change. But I see my beauty. I love my smile. It's big and sunny. It lights up my face. My eyes sparkle a little, expressing the joy I feel inside. I am who I am and I like me. It's taken me a lot of years to get here.

Realizing my own beauty has been...well...empowering. It changed my life. That's no exaggeration.

I went from wall flower to co-owner of a successful Bra Boutique, and participating in a photo shoot for said boutique. Once the girl who hid behind everything...I'm now the woman who I want to be. I'm an adventurer, I laugh a lot, I have fun, I love...that and so much more is what makes me beautiful. I am me.

I want every woman to experience this. Every woman should feel beautiful. We all are. Mother, sister, friend, we are all beautiful. I could list off dozens of beautiful and amazing women I know. There are a lot. I will tell you about one: Ann my business partner and bestest girlfriend. She is passionate, caring, funny, stunning, artistic, expressive, reserved with some things and exuberant with others. She's smart, insightful, patient. She's cool and an awesome mom. She passes no judgement and has taught me a lot about true friendships...through the great successes and the rough trials. She is beautiful.

Ann and I each individually, and united, have a passion for empowering other women. Every woman should see their own beauty. This was actually a motivator for opening The Girls Bra Shop Inc. You'd be surprised what the right bra can do for your figure and self esteem. You stand taller, your clothes fit better.

We're hired remarkable women who are beautiful in their own right and share our passion of empowerment. We held a photo shoot of real and beautiful women (us) in our product. We blogged about the experience and have hung the glorious images around the store. We are every woman.

I heard that phrase today when Ann and I visited the Coverdale Center. Since opening the store Ann and I have been looking for a not-for-profit organization to get behind, to support. What better organization than one that strives to empower all women. This team of caring women provide counseling, shelter, clothing, food, and so much more to all walks of women in the greater Saint John area. All for free. I couldn't be more thrilled about this partnership.

I've been blessed and I'm so pleased that something as commercial as owning a business can allow me the opportunity to help others. Today we donated a basket full of bras to the center. We have also started a program called Fill Your Cup. With every purchase of a bra in our store we'll donate one dollar to the Center. If one woman has the experience I did when something fit me right, then I am the happiest girl in the world.

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  1. You ARE a very beautiful woman. I'm glad that you seem to have become your own best friend! :)