Saturday, May 29, 2010

Savouring Toes and Shiny Knight

Picnic and a blanket fort
Peacocking his building bent
She prepares the mealy banquet

Shoeless in the moment
Twirl on savouring toes
Spontaneous tangos

Falling angels in the
Blanket's wrinkle
Tipping gently bowl

He tames dragon shadows
On a fluttering wall
Her shiny knight tall

Inspired by ABC Wednesday's letter S, Sunday Scribblings' Dragon, the Magpie Tales picture shown above, and Theme Thursday's Wrinkle. Click each to participate and see how these prompts inspired others.

Also inspired by a date a friend of mine had recently where they had a picnic and built a blanket fort. Giggle. Sweet Romance. Love it!


  1. For me, your Magpie brought back memories of my youth, carefree days and nights, when life seemed endless .... and I thank you for that.

    Wonderful Magpie.

  2. considering there is a blanketfort in my sunroom on a regular basis, I can imagine you and your silver knight doing the tango in it. Although, you might have to be on bended knee to fit inside.

  3. you took us to a beautiful place was light and airy and my shoes were off and i could taste the moment, so free.

  4. your friend's blanket fort and picnic date sounds like she's met a true knight. I love your poem - she made need it later for her wedding invitation :)

  5. Wonderful Magpie. Your imagination paints pictures.

  6. Picnics and bare feet in the grass. Lovely!

  7. magical magpie,
    lovely poem!

  8. Really enjoy the imagery...peacocking his building bent...

  9. From childhood we rise but tents never dissappoint. They endure and so do the memories.


  10. all things being equal, I do like being shoeless.
    On behalf of ABC Wednesday, THANK YOU!

  11. Lovely young imagery and interesting form. A series of 'chapter headings' followed by an explanatory rhyming couplet? Worked a treat for me.