Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tipped (Draft 1)

Mary Kline-Misol: Chicken Act, Balance Ball
I have no balance
Juggling on a ball
My feet try hard to grip
Running running running
Going nowhere
Battery dying

Chargeable existence
Seeking source
What feeds me?
Disciplined pausing
Rusty pipe reaching
Stretching to center
Formally directed
New shoes

Once consuming
Shelved in order
Looking for space
Fragile center
I claim me
Matter is rising
Downward dog

This is inspired by a recent effort to reclaim balance in my life, by Magpie Tales, and ABC Wednesday's letter D. I already have plans to revise this but thought I would post the first draft anyway, which is why it's a different photo than the Magpie photo. Look for the new post...soon I hope. :)


  1. downward dog...nice it ties it together nicely...you are the second yoga post today...perhaps i need to give it a try...

  2. Posting about yoga? Or practicing yoga? I truly enjoy it. It can be an intense workout with very little impact. Just what this girl ordered. :)