Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Face Behind the Voice

After much delay I safely arrived at the Dulles airport. I immediately let Ward know I was safe. I then called Tommy and was greeted with a hearty "Welcome to the USA Tammy". We made arrangements to meet at the airport and he would chauffeur me to dinner, wine, and finally the hotel.

While waiting I was entertained by the free H1N1 Vaccine clinic at the baggage claim. With them hollering "free H1N1" it's not a wonder nobody signed up. I also witnessed a gentleman have a very lively conversation with a vending machine, telling the dispenser that whatever it did was not acceptable. I say good for him for saying something. Giggle.

Dinner was fantastic as was the company. It was nice to finally put a face behind a voice I had worked with for so long. A dear friend who I was only just meeting. We laughed, we ate, we enjoyed a bottle of Innocent Bystander and were invited to join the electric slide happening at the bar.

All in all an enjoyable day one. Today is full of meetings but I'm sure I'll find some adventure in it somewhere.


  1. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/05/18/awards-from-wordwand-trisha-and-more/

    one poetry award,
    8 others on bottom,
    enjoy some if you wish to!
    Happy Tuesday!