Saturday, June 18, 2011

Draft: Endangered Pleasures

Floating on an aria in my back sea
As the seagulls in
Finding Nemo say: Mine :)
I smile as I think, it doesn't get better than this
Unless, of course
It's like this
I sip timber inspiration from a cup of mistake making
A muse less decision to live a life I envy

You walk in all big and tall
Owning the place
You kick off your shoes
And put your feet up
Blissfully unaware
That you weren't

Baby, I love your way

You wind my clock never ticking
Yepping like you heard my story never told
I walk through walls
Did you know that?

I refuse to think I can't

Not a mirror reflecting
But a woman projecting
I'm defending endangered pleasures

© 2011 by Tammy Newman. All rights reserved.

A first draft inspired by way too many seemingly mismatched thoughts in my head. From people invading personal space, getting lost in a love, to making choices to live how you wish, to loving life and protecting it. I sing the line "Baby I love your way" to my cat all of the time. Garnet Rogers played at a venue last night and made an electric guitar sound like an underwater aria, his voice the timber of a ship floating along it. 


  1. i think this is a good draft...keep playing with it and fleshing it out...some all too real things that we face...i like the elements

  2. Have a sweet day...
    regards from France,


  3. I'll tell you the truth, I love it. It makes me think you and I have similar thought processes, bouncing around a bit but coming around again. I think the poem's voice is strongest in this:

    "I walk through walls
    Did you know that?"

    It has a very "Girl, Interrupted," talking-to-yourself, multiple-personality feel to it. And I love that. :)

  4. "it doesn't get better than this unless of course it's like this" ... That is a poem unto itself. Brilliant point.

    "floating on an aria in my back sea" ... I love how close to "back seat" this is, still conjuring the connotation.

    I like the way you go back and forth, focusing on yourself internally and then (as if turning your head to notice him), you focus on the man, and then wind back around (as a clock hand) to deepest internal self and need.