Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Time

...and the livin' is easy.
Check out our schmellow sticks


Need I say more?

When I was a kid my family would spend a week or so at Kejimkujik National Park. Mom, dad, brother, cousins, aunt and uncle, and grandparents.


I thought my cousins were so rich because we stayed in a tent BUT they had a trailer with a tent attached!!

My uncle would haul everybody around the park in the back of his trailer. Each of us perched high in our lawn chairs.

We'd ride our bikes along the path and go swimming in the lake. We'd race and rawk the suspended bridge. We'd stay up late (dusk) and sing songs about Alice the camel and her many humps. I would cuddle up to my blankie and oversized doll mesmerized by the campfire.

In my child memory, we did this all the time. But actually only once according to my parents.

It's been moons since I've tented and enjoyed a good flaming schmellow over a campfire. So when we packed our tent this past weekend and set out to visit with friends parked in the middle of nowhere, spontaneous dancing was had. I reverted to the age of 9 and packed my sparklers, glow in the dark sticks and lick-em-stick-em tattoos.

Best weekend ever. We do it all the time. Giggle.

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