Monday, April 30, 2012

Home again....sans a jiggety jig and jet lag‏

Curled up with a less than European coffee, the standard by which all coffee should be measured, and nibbling on a bowl of chocolate chips found in my grocery-less pantry, I'm making notes to self (like have groceries in the freezer next time), contemplating looking up a good coffee supplier, and pondering where am I ever going to put this Moroccan rug?! Or should I say Zeek's new Moroccan rug that mummy was kind enough to bring home for her? She's been camped out on it ever since I unfolded it. If I can't separate them she may be deciding where it goes for me. Giggle.

Did I tell you about Ronda? It's the oldest city in Spain, predating Jesus by about 900 years. Still in what is considered the Andalucia area but inland and up a very picturesque mountain you can climb by car or very comfortable train. There are two parts to Ronda: old and new, divided by a gorge. It has a romantic feel with the cobblestone streets, panoramic views over orchards and farm land, and soft spanish guitar playing in the background. My traveling companion that day was a gal from Belgium who has convinced me to add the mountains in France to my list of must see places.

The rest of my time was spent soaking up as much relaxing, sun, and tapas I could before returning to that thing you do between vacations.

It took about 38 hours to get home once the traveling began. It's a good thing that I enjoy my own company. Lots of fun and giggles were had. Giggle.

Traveling people are entertaining but none like once you get on that flight heading to the Maritimes. A different breed comes this way. As I was getting on the plane the flight attendant asked me if I was on the right plane, apparently my goose down vest, heavy sweater and scarf were more suited for the winnipeg flight boarding next to us. 

One guy in front of me was humming to the arias he was listening to, a low baritone sound...kinda like how I imagine caramel would sound like. The guy beside me was the quiet but slightly dramatic guy just wanting to be noticed. On the other side me was this expensively dressed guy from Montreal who no matter how much he tried to keep his nose in his book kept being drawn into conversation with the country girl sharing his seat who was returning from seeing the Oprah show (yep...she's still filming something). There was a lady ahead of them who felt you had to push with all of her might whenever using the touchscreen monitor on the seat ahead of her. And that guy was the guy who would glance over his shoulder to show disdain but never say anything. And then behind me were two ladies who were so enthralled by what the other had to say that their voices rose as the safety presentation started to drown them out. Giggle.

Well, I'm home. Have escaped the jet lag beast. And now must attend to the things you do in between vacations.

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