Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Luckiest Girl

I feel so blessed waking up to this view every morning: a sun hovering low over the horizon, a fishing boat or two taking in their nets, birds flying playfully around the courtyards and chimneys below me. All this with the sound of waves crashing. I can't imagine anything better.

The past couple days have been a nice mix of adventure and relaxation. Like enjoying the Sunday market. A mass of leather, cotton, jewelry, and anything else you can imagine. Our favorite tapas bar was the perfect perch to watch those shopping while drinking aqua con gas or cafe solo. We've visited this place often enough that they have adopted us as temporary family. ;)
Over time we have explored more of Estepona. Enjoying it's cobble stoned streets lined with shops that end in a courtyard full of the aroma of orange blossoms and the best ice cream one can imagine. The boardwalk along the coast was entertaining as well as you watch the few expats swim in the water (we figure they must be Canadian...giggle) and locals roller blading, biking or jogging and some bundled up in leather coats and sweaters. The weather has been in the high 20s the past couple days and as is typical with myself I'm finding a balance of wearing my bikinis one moment to bundling up in jeans and a scarf the next. Shrug. 
Yesterday we went to Gilbratar and like the local expats (a contradiction in terms?) we went for the shopping and not the monkies. Getting to the rocks was easy and as warned, the queue was long. After an hour wait we passed through passport control on both the spanish and Gilbratar sides. Within meters of each other. Shortly after passport control is a stretch of highway that crosses an air strip. We timed our visit just so that for a few minutes the highway and side walk were closed and we witnessed a plane taking off. 
The city center of Gilbratar was beautiful. You emerge from a tunnel that enters the old fort into a square with fish and chips signs displayed boldly. A mix of spanish and english is predominant here. The pedestrian only street, again lined with shops like Ray Ban, BHS, and Marks and Spenser, was fun to explore. Hundreds of heads of people filled the street. A small number compared to their summer hours. I ended up with another unexpected souviner as it was madly cold and I was dressed for Estepona (a mere hour away). I love love love my crocheted sweater from Gilbratar.
Well, time to get back to the relaxation. Ciao ciao.

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