Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spain, Day 1

After about 30 hours of traveling I have arrived in Estepona. 
The transatlantic flight was fairly uneventful, just full of the jumps, twitches, head bobs, and snorts of the nearly but never quite sleeping. Add a hello kitty sleeping mask and I was something to behold. Giggle. 
The airport in Zurich reminded me a lot of Frankfurt. Easy to navigate and plenty to entertain me during my 7.5 hour stop over. And I do mean plenty. There was lunch with the Auzzies who were either coming or going on a skiing trip. Admitedly I only listened to half of the conversation. Whoops. There was the woman who was waving madly to get the attention of her husband...whose back was turned to her. The american looking crowd who buttered their croisants. What do they think gives croisants the flaky texture and, yes buttery flavor anyway? The only person I didn't see who I truly missed was the older woman in her velor tracksuit. That breed is getting harder to spot.
I do feel decidedly unfashionable on travel days in my yoga pants and hoodie. Especially when traveling to Europe. I do worry that maybe I am one plush away from becoming that rare species that I enjoy spotting. Truthfully, I'm drawing the line at birkenstocks.
The highlight of the people watching were the Valley Girls who surprisingly had like gone to the like red sea and like rode camels with like bombs going off in the background and like yeah. They were also like coaching one of their like girlfriends that it's like ok to be like weirded out by the rest of the team like crossing inappropriate boundaries. Like sure. Legally blonde in real life, and although my tone is mocking, I left with a great deal of respect for these young gals who seem to have it together much sooner than I ever did. Never judge a book by the cover, or a girl by her quantity of likes.

I finally landed in Estepona to a very warm greeting of homemade spaghetti and delicious local red wine. Mom and dad have this place cased. Dad was driving like a local...almost the same as loco. Giggle. I'm here, I'm happy, I'm on vacation! 
Like yeah!


  1. oh wow...enjoy...i would so love to go to spain....

  2. J'aime beaucoup cette barque ensablée sur la plage...